Department of Design and Production of Radio Electronic Equipment

National Technical University of Ukraine
"Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"

Rehabilitation equipment

Lecturer: Bogomolov Mykola

Credits: 5.5

Academic discipline "Rehabilitation equipment" corresponds to Educational and professional programs "Specialist" and "Master" in the section 6.050902 "Radio-electronic devices" of specialty 7.05090204, 8.05090204 "Biotechnical and medical devices and systems".

The discipline belongs to the program of professional and practical training.

The subject of discipline is modern biomedical rehabilitation equipment.

Connection with other disciplines: discipline "Rehabilitation equipment" bases on the general education knowledge (mathematics, physics, chemistry, principles of biophysics) and the applied disciplines – "Interaction of physical fields with biological objects", "Biological signals, sensors and transducers". Furthermore, this discipline is closely related to such disciplines as: "The element base of Radio-electronic equipment", "Optoelectronic devices of Radio-electronic equipment", "Circuit engineering of Radio-electronic equipment ", "Principles of Microelectronics", "Principles of electronics", "Principles of television and television systems".

The aim of the discipline is to develop students' skills in the design, operation and maintenance of modern medical rehabilitation equipment. In accordance with the requirements of the Educational program, after achieving mastery of the discipline students should demonstrate the following results:

Knowledge: Basic principles of functioning of modern high-tech medical equipment;

Skills: develop, engineer, design and repair of medical electronic equipment;

Experience: modern methods of computer simulation using modern materials and processing algorithm of the results of research.