Department of Design and Production of Radio Electronic Equipment

National Technical University of Ukraine
"Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"

Аutomatic control street lighting

Author: Babych Oleksandr Viktorovych

Group: РВ-22

Supervisor: Sydoruk Yurii Kindratovych

ELK: Bachelor

Speciality: 6.050902 Radioelectronic Devices 172 Telecommunication and radio engineering)

Summary: The diploma paper consists of explanatory note for 65 pages, it includes 5 illustrations, 14 data tables, 4 drawings, 23 references, 2 annexes. The object of the diploma project is the construction of automatic device which controls street lighting with ability to turn it on and turn it off according to natural lighting. As a result there were found different circuitry solutions for these devices. Electronic scheme was chosen, required elemental base was selected for the device. Method of producing the board was selected. Calculation of printed assembling was carried and printed-circuit board was engineered. Calculations which prove efficiency of the device were proceeded. The device is recommended to use for the lightning of a cottage area, streets, parks or landscape compositions.

Keywords: keywords: automatic device, lighting, printed-circuit board, light-dependent resistor, relay.

The work consists of  65 pages of explanatory note, 4 appendix and 4 drawings

Explanatory note: Full text


  • Схема електрична принципова
  • Друкована плата
  • Автомат керування вуличним освітленням. Складальний кресленик.
  • Автомат керування вуличним освітленням. Складальний кресленик.