Department of Design and Production of Radio Electronic Equipment

National Technical University of Ukraine
"Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"

Research work

Investigation of the principles for development information medial diagnostics system of millimeter band

(Superviser Savenko Ya.V., 2013-2014).

As a result of research the modern status of clinical diagnostics for human pathology on microlevel has been investigated; especially, tomography diagnostics of oncological diseases, brain pathology and cardio-vascular pathology of human.

On basis of the review of the last results of clinical diagnostics by means of computer tomography, magnetic resonance [MR] tomography and positron (emission) tomography advantages and shortcoming have been determined for obtaining visual models of biological objects to ground the methodology to create visual models of biological objects of human organism in normal condition or in pathology using millimeter band wave irradiation.

As a result of the research new lecture course and some laboratory works have been developed. 7 articles nave been published, including 3 ones by students, 2 reports at international conferences have been done.

7 students participated in these research, 4 master theses, 1 diploma project and 2 bachelor projects were defended.

Development of high-efficient facility for electromagnetic irradiation of grain

(SupervisorYu.F. Zinkovsky, 2013-2014).

The technique for building of working chamber for the facility to irradiate loose material using the principle of multiple propagation of electromagnetic wave through the volume of grain being processed. On basis of the technique proposed the original models for working chambers have been developed to increase uniformity of field distribution within the chamber as well as uniformity of material irradiation. Analytical, numerical and experimental investigation of chamber components have been performed; these are selective reflectors, linear waveguide radiators to use for the facilities for irradiation by SHF electromagnetic field.

5 articles have been published, 7 reports at international conferences were done, 2 patents were taken out.

Investigation of the processes of laser radiation interaction with biological objects for diagnostics of oncological diseases

(Supervisor М. F.Bogomolov, 2014-2014 рр)

Laboratory bench for blood diseases diagnostics has been developed in order to obtain speckle with further mathematical and computer processing. Some speckles for human blood erythrocyte preparation have been made and computer processing was done. This technique allows to diagnose blood diseases quickly and to transfer information about condition of the patient in automatic mode.

New lecture courses have been implemented for the subjects: “Biophysics”, “Biophotonics” and “Methods and facilities for biomedical investigation”

5 articles neve been published, 6 reports was made in the science conferences. 6 students participated in the research. 4 master theses and 2 diploma projects have been defended