Department of Design and Production of Radio Electronic Equipment

National Technical University of Ukraine
"Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"

Digital processing of the output signal of high sensitivity radiometric system for biomedical research

Author: Dolich Denys

Group: РВ-22

Supervisor: d.t.s., prof., Yanenko Alexey

ELK: Bachelor

Speciality: 6.050902 Radioelectronic Devices 172 Telecommunication and radio engineering)

Summary: The degree project consists of an explanatory note on 71 pages, contains 17 illustrations, 22 tables, 10 drawings, 21 link, 2 appendices. The aim of the project is development of a device for digital-processing the original analog signal from high sensitive radiometric system (RS), and output processing information on the PC screen that extends the functionality and improves the metrological characteristics of the RS. Were made assessment of the existing technical solutions for such equipment and decided to construct device without unnecessary for us functionality. To do this, we developed a block diagram, and electrical circuit. For the developed scheme we selected optimal component database. Based on these data, we developed the PCB in the Altium Designer Summer 09. Also developed a case for our device. The result is a much cheaper and more accurate device than considered analogues at the expense of cutting functionality. The developed device can be used in conjunction with any system where you need to measure the constant component of the signal within 0 – 5V.

Keywords: radiometry, micro-controller, integrator, approximation, digital processing

The work consists of  70 pages of explanatory note, 2 appendix and 10 drawings

Explanatory note: Full text