Department of Design and Production of Radio Electronic Equipment

National Technical University of Ukraine
"Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"

Remote control module for mechanical devices

Author: Chebotarskyi Dmytro

Group: РІ-21

Supervisor: Ph.D. Associate Professor Leonid Dyuzhayev

ELK: Bachelor

Speciality: 6.050902 Radioelectronic Devices 172 Telecommunication and radio engineering)

Summary: The degree project consists of an explanatory note on 72 pages, includes 14 illustrations, 16 tables, 2 drawings, 14 links, 2 appendices. The purpose of the degree project is the operating payment development of the remote control module for mechanical devices. The project analyzed the requirements for modern remote control technologies. Analogs are investigated, optimum element base is picked up and the most effective technical solutions are chosen. It is designed the printed circuit board of remote control module based on research data, the required components are chosen. The calculations confirming operability of the device and compliance to all normative documents and standards are carried out. The developed remote control module is recommended to be used in all mechanical device which needed remote control and will be used in wide masses.

Keywords: remote control module for mechanical device, microcontroller, printed circuit board, control unit, transmitter, receiver, smartphone with operating system android.

The work consists of  72 pages of explanatory note, 3 appendix and 3 drawings

Explanatory note: Full text