Department of Design and Production of Radio Electronic Equipment

National Technical University of Ukraine
"Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"

Research based on nonlinear lens plane spiral antenna

Author: Galitskiy Alexander Pavlovich

Group: РВ-31м

Supervisor: Zinchenko Maxim Vyacheslavovich

ELK: Master

Speciality: 8.05090201 Radioelectronic Devices and Facilities

Summary: Volume explanatory note is 129 pages, which includes 55 illustrations, 8 tables, 3 annexes and 52 bibliographical name on the list of references. Considered relevant issues of telecommunication systems, rational use of spiral antennas resolved many practical tasks for-that will determine the quality and quantity of radio systems is developed. The purpose of the study of nonlinear lens on the basis of flat spiral antennas: modeling and analysis of the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages definition devices. The analysis of characteristics, radiation spiral flax antenna, calculating the components of the electromagnetic field simulation broadband lens among MMana, MathCad received: The diagram of the nonlinear fertilizer; Energy characteristics of components in the signal response is nonlinear scattering th; Got the possibility of using nonlinear lens as physical models of embedded devices.

Keywords: chart orientation, nonlinear radar, nonlinear lens, the signal response spiral antenna radiation

The work consists of:  129 pages of explanatory note and 3 appendix

Explanatory note: Full text