Department of Design and Production of Radio Electronic Equipment

National Technical University of Ukraine
"Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"

Laboratory studies of the biophysical characteristics of blood formennyh

Author: Dubovik Victor

Group: РБ-11

Supervisor: Mykola F. Bohomolov

ELK: Bachelor

Speciality: 6.050902 Radioelectronic Devices

Summary: This thesis is devoted to the topical issue of laser diagnostics, namely to the speckle interferometry. The aim of this paper is the necessity for preliminary statistical analysis during the comprehensive diagnostic studies of blood formed elements characteristics under normal and pathological conditions. The work itself consists of four chapters, a list of references and appendix. In the first chapter the functions of blood, its formed elements, their size and functions are described. The second chapter provides the general characteristics of lasers and their application in medicine. The third chapter highlights the biophysical characteristics of blood cells and their processing in Matlab. The fourth chapter deals with the problems of professional safety when using the device. The volume of work is 76 pages including 17 illustrations, 8 tables, an appendix and 15 references.

Keywords: speckle interferometry, environment matlab, biophysical characteristics, red blood cells, white blood cells, blood.

The work consists of:  76 pages of explanatory note and 1 appendix

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