Department of Design and Production of Radio Electronic Equipment

National Technical University of Ukraine
"Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"

Synthesis of frequency selective devices based on electromagnetic crystals

Author: Onischenko Dmytro Yurijovich

Group: РІ31м

Supervisor: Adamenko Yuliia

ELK: Master

Speciality: 8.05090203 Intelligent Technologies of Microsystems Radio Electronic Engineering

Summary: Statement of master’s thesis: 103 p., 37 fig., 4 tab., 2 applications, 25 sources. The object of study – devices based on electromagnetic crystals. Purpose – to study the synthesis filter algorithm based on electromagnetic crystals. Research method – impedance method and CAD modeling of microwave equipment. Today the highest efficiency filters for use in the microwave range (based on microstrip lines) with three-dimensional heterogeneity. They also can make the device more compact filtration through a combination of heterogeneity in one of several equivalent circuit elements prototype filter. Currently there are no strict solution synthesis problem for either individual or irregularities, especially for devices based on them. As a result of work performed impedance adaptation suited to the synthesis filter based on electromagnetic crystal. The simulation, which confirms the adequacy of the algorithm. Made forecasted assumption that the directions of further improving the efficiency of irregularities.

Keywords: electromagnetic crystal, microstrip line impedance model, line heterogeneities transmission.

The work consists of:  103 pages of explanatory note and 2 appendix

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