Department of Design and Production of Radio Electronic Equipment

National Technical University of Ukraine
"Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"

Motion analyzer with built-in pressure and temperature sensors


Author: Hryshko Ivan

Group: РІ-71мп

Supervisor: Nelin Yevhen

ELK: Second level of higher education (master degree)

Speciality:   172 Telecommunications and Radio Engineering

Specialization: Intelligent Technologies of Microsystem Radioelectronic Equipment

Summary: The theme of the work is relevant in view of the increase in the number of rocket models and copters and the need to monitor their movement.
The purpose of the master's thesis is to expand the function of the system of analyzing the movement of mobile devices.
The object of the study is the analyzer of movement of devices with the function of logging.
The subject of the study is the dependence of the data of temperature sensors, pressure, acceleration from the position of the apparatus in space.
In order to solve the problem, the existing methods of determining the given parameters were examined. According to the results of the analysis of the market participants of the devices that perform the analysis of model movement, deficiencies were identified in their structures, namely the high price and complexity of service.
As a result of consideration of possible ways of conducting the analysis of motion and removal of measurements of pressure and temperature sensors, their disadvantages and advantages, a structural scheme was developed, on the basis of which an electric circuit diagram of the analyzer was created.
After selecting the element base, calculating the power supply and the ro-work of the first prototype, the performance of the device was confirmed.
The developed device was placed in a rocket for the analysis of the work of pressure gauges and accelerating during the flight layout.

Keywords: microcontroller, arm, stm32, mpu6050, bmp280, atm-mospheric pressure, pressure sensor, temperature sensor, traffic analyzer.


The work consists of:  80 pages of explanatory note and 4 appendix


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