Department of Design and Production of Radio Electronic Equipment

National Technical University of Ukraine
"Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"

Method of lead-acid batteries desulphation

Author: Korzh Anatolii

Group: РІ-61м

Supervisor: Koval Anatolii

ELK: Master

Speciality: 172 Telecommunications and Radio Engineering

Specialization: Intelligent Technologies of Microsystem Radioelectronic Equipment

Summary: Object of research — lead-acid batteries.
The subject of the research is the phenomenon of lead-acid batteries sulfation.
Purpose — verification of the effectiveness of the method desulfate lead-acid batteries.
Research method — experimental.
The main cause of failure of lead-acid batteries is sulfation of the plates. It is believed that this is a natural process of aging of the battery. However, the last decade argued that the sulfation is reversed, if you apply the battery to pulses of a specific shape.
The paper presents the behavior of battery during the restore pulse currents. Described electrochemical processes are going on. The proposed method of diagnostics of a condition of the battery, the form of perculiar pulse desulfator device and the direction of further studies of recovery of lead-acid batteries pulse method. Recommendations for the design desulfator.
The research can be used at service stations, factories to produce batteries and car owners.

Keywords: sulfation, desulfatace, desulfation, lead-acid battery, lead plate, lead sulfate, crisali lead sulfate

The work consists of:  134 pages of explanatory note and 2 appendix

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