Department of Design and Production of Radio Electronic Equipment

National Technical University of Ukraine
"Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"

Simulation of analog integrated circuit

Author: Ozirnyi Serhii

Group: РІ-61м

Supervisor: Pryshchepa Mykola

ELK: Master

Speciality: 172 Telecommunications and Radio Engineering

Specialization: Intelligent Technologies of Microsystem Radioelectronic Equipment

Summary: Topicality of the topic — the analog integrated analog micro-circuits have been developed taking into account the trends of the modern microchip.
The work is related to the scientific programs of the department of KIVRA.
The goal of the study — with the help of circuit decisions to enhance the sta-bility of the developed chip.
The object of research — analog IC, developed on the basis of the analysis of IC circuit decisions.
Subject of research — characteristics of cascades of analog IC and its whole.
The method of research — computer modeling in the environment of Micro-CAP.
Scientific novelty — the developed models of cascades and ICs in general al-low the creation of new operative amplifiers on their basis, which simplifies the design process.
Practical significance — as a result of the study, electronic models of cascades of analog integrated circuits have been obtained as well as two new, well-established electronic models of IC, on the basis of which operational amplifiers can be created.

Keywords: differential amplifier, integral microcircuit, analog integrated circuits, operational amplifier, integrated chip model

The work consists of:  101 pages of explanatory note and 2 appendix

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