Department of Design and Production of Radio Electronic Equipment

National Technical University of Ukraine
"Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"

Ultrasonic diagnostics of thyroid gland


Author: Shmihirovska Kristina

Group: РІ-71мп

Supervisor: Adamenko Yulia

ELK: Second level of higher education (master degree)

Speciality:   172 Telecommunications and Radio Engineering

Specialization: Intelligent Technologies of Microsystem Radioelectronic Equipment

Summary: Topicality of the topic: ultrasound diagnosis of the thyroid gland is used to
determine the abnormal function and the definition of tumors in the tissue.
Improving the quality of diagnostics can be achieved by using the optimal
parameters of the ultrasound sensor.
Relationship of work with scientific programs: the master's dissertation
was performed within the framework of the planned topics of the Chair of
The purpose of the study: to improve the quality of diagnosis of thyroid
diseases with the help of two-dimensional sound research.
The object of research: an emitter and a sensor of ultrasonic oscillations (a
piezoelectric transducer) for the diagnosis of the thyroid gland.
Subject of research: parameters and characteristics of the transducers.
Research methods:. mathematical and computer simulation.
Scientific novelty of the obtained results: improvement of the acoustic
parameters of the sensor for improving the quality of ultrasound diagnostics.

Keywords: датчики, п’єзоперетоврювач.


The work consists of:  104 pages of explanatory note and 2 appendix


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